Research ethics

The Young Lives team take a positive view of research ethics as enabling high-quality research, while at the same time being conscious of the ethical questions our work raises, particularly the power relations between our research teams and the children and families who participate in the study.

Our approach to ethics has been developed collaboratively across the research teams, following fieldworker training, piloting and reports from fieldworkers after each round of visits to our study sites. In this process, ethics have been discussed with the survey, qualitative, and policy staff, with the aim of developing a shared understanding of research ethics across the whole study, which is captured in our Memorandum of Understanding for Fieldworkers.

For more information, see the section on Research Ethics in the Young Lives Methods Guide.


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Ethical Research Involving Children

The Ethical Research Involving Children Project provides guidance and a forum for discussion of issues related to the ethics of working with children. Ginny Morrow has been involved in consultations that have resulted in an International Charter, a compendium of case studies, and a website full of resources and guidance.

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Ginny MorrowVirginia Morrow, Senior Research Officer

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