From research to policy

We work with key audiences within the research community, government and civil society organisations at both international and national level to encourage the take-up of Young Lives data and analysis.

Influencing change

Young Lives has a number of core approaches to facilitate our engagement work. These include:

  1. Working in partnership with governments and civil society organisations: for example the core role of Save the Children within our policy team, our membership of civil society networks such as the Poverty Action Network in Ethiopia, and involving representatives from government and non-governmental organisations on our international advisory board and in each country.
  2. Building research uptake through stakeholder consultation: involving stakeholders early on to help us define what our research focus and analysis should be, not just at the dissemination stage. 
  3. Supporting policy and research networks: internationally and locally, encouraging evidence-based approaches in joint policy work with others, bringing policymakers, researchers and practitioners together in workshops and discussions.
  4. Building policy analysis to strengthen the context and relevance of our research: we recognise the importance of ongoing dialogue and interaction within the Young Lives team, working together to develop policy-relevant research questions and analysis.
Impact case studies

We have written some case studies to highlight the learning from some of our policy engagement activities. Read them here.

We need to end child poverty in order to break the cycle of poverty.