Children's perspectives

Young Lives is in the unique position of being able to study and work with a group of 12,000 children over 15 years as they grow up, start school, drop out or leave school, start work, cope with births and deaths in their families, and maybe even get married and have children themselves.

These pages share some of the children’s own perspectives on the world and their reflections and responses to our research – in their own words. This is an essential part of the Young Lives approach – to ensure children’s voices are heard and their participation is a core value of the study.


Gudeta_low-resVoices from Ethiopia: We recently spoke to children and young people in Ethiopia about the reality of their family lives, their hopes and aspirations for the future, and what their families and what needs to be done to ensure the rights of children and young people to education, nutrition, to protection from harmful work and to play are respected. You can hear what they have to say on the Young Lives YouTube channel.

PER45-girl and blackboard.JPGChanging Lives in a Changing World: Young Lives children growing up A series of stories from Young Lives children that set the issues affecting their lives against the wider picture.


Y SinhShort stories from Vietnam - Young Journalists competition Six children share their experiences of education and healthcare in Vietnam.



“Voicing Experiences” - India participation film Three different sites, one mission – to create dramatic representations of real life in their communities.

Reporting back to communities – Peru team’s visit to one study site View the video of the Peru team’s community visit.

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We need to end child poverty in order to break the cycle of poverty.