Well-being and aspirations

Children’s development and well-being are multidimensional. Development in one domain (for example biological, cognitive, emotional and social) affects development in the others. Children’s well-being is shaped by both internal and external influences, such as poverty and adversity. Household-level channels (such as the availability of economic and social resources) as well as wider societal-level factors (for example economic growth or crisis or changes in government policy and programmes) are therefore central to children’s well-being.

In order to capture this complexity, we assess how household and societal-level channels shape developmental changes, such as weight and physical growth or learning, as well as children’s perceptions and subjective well-being, for example their sense of self efficacy or agency, their aspirations and hopes for the future By following the same group of children over time we are tracing what inequalities exist in children’s health, nutrition and well-being and how they affect their physical, social and cognitive development at different stages in the life course, as well as how children’s own actions affect their condition and circumstances.

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YL-WP128-ChutaChildren’s Agency in Responding to Shocks and Adverse Events in Ethiopia, Young Lives Working Paper 128 by Nardos Chuta



Handbook of Child Well-beingThe Ethics of Researching Children's Well-Being, chapter by Virginia Morrow and Jo Boyden in Handbook of Child Well-Being: Theories, Methods and Policies in Global Perspective, edited by Asher Ben-Arieh, Ferran Casas, Ivar Frønes and Jill E. Korbin, pp. 2895-2918


 Le va bien en la vida_coverYoung People's Perceptions of Well-being in Peru, Ninos del Milenio Working Paper ['Le va bien en la vida': Percepciones de bienestar de un grupo de adolescentes del Peru]



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Vanessa RojasIn conversation with ... Vanessa Rojas talks about her work with young people in Peru and how their aspirations and sense of well-being change over time. YouTube video.


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