Blog: Beyond the rhetoric: understanding links between child labour and education

12 Jun 2015

Renu Singh argues we need to find better ways to support children whose daily reality is not choosing between work and school, but struggling to combine both work and school.

E-newsletter #17: Children's Work (June 2015)

11 Jun 2015

We have just sent out the latest issue of our e-newsletter which this month features research on children's work and child labour, as well as our new programmes of work on violence against children, and on gender and adolescence.

New book: Children's Work and Labour in East Africa

05 Jun 2015

This book presents evidence from working children's lives and perspectives in cases from Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan, spanning a variety of types of children's work, from agriculture to mining to petty trade, paid and unpaid work, inside and outside household contexts

Blog: Inequality starts at a young age

15 May 2015

In a blog for The Global Partnership for Education, Santiago Cueto reflects on inequality in early education in Latin America.

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12 May 2015

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Blog: How corporal punishment makes children feel

12 May 2015

Corporal punishment is widely used in schools globally despite international concern about the effects on children. And yet it persists. The eradication of corporal punishment in schools is proving difficult, and India is no exception.

Guest blog: 10 Recommendations on how to advance equity for children in the SDGs

06 May 2015

In a guest post, Guenay Salazar of Equity for Children argues why equity matters for children living in poverty, and how equity will help guide the way forward.

Symposium: Gender Violence, Poverty and Young People, London, 12 May 2015

05 May 2015

This symposium will address key questions about the effects of violence on young people's lives and their perceptions of the world, the role of institutions in constraining or expanding opportunities to counter violence, and the research approaches and agendas needed to strengthen policy and practice.

Blog: Do children and young people have a place in International Workers' Day?

01 May 2015

International Workers’ Day, also known as Labour Day in some places, is about making the rights and voices of workers visible and heard. But do children and young people have a voice as working people?

E-newsletter 16 April 2015

27 Apr 2015

We have just sent out the latest issue of our e-newsletter - sign up to receive future copies.

Blog: quality of schooling for learning outcomes

21 Apr 2015

In a blog written for NORRAG, Angela Little argues for the importance of both the quantity and quality of the schooling experience for learning outcomes.

New book: Gender Violence in Poverty Contexts: The Educational Challenge

19 Apr 2015

Two chapters from Young Lives are featured in this book concerned with understanding the complex ways in which gender violence and poverty impact on young people’s lives, and the potential for education to challenge violence

New journal article: What Is the Value of Qualitative Longitudinal Research with Children and Young People for International Development?

17 Apr 2015

How might research on international development research be strengthened by including qualitative longitudinal research (QLR)?

New journal article: Negotiating Agency in Cases of Partner Violence in Vietnam

07 Apr 2015

Understandings of women's agency in cases of intimate partner violence (IPV) have been dominated by an individualistic focus on help-seeking behaviour. The role of children in influencing, enabling and restricting the decision-making processes of their mothers has been largely ignored.

Girl Learning Symposium, Addis Ababa

07 Apr 2015

Young Lives co-hosted a Learning Symposium on Girls in Ethiopia at the Addis Ababa University Alle School of Fine Arts and Design on 1 April 2015.

New policy brief: Indicators to measure child poverty in the SDGs

31 Mar 2015

As the discussion on the new Sustainable Development Goals moves quickly to the indicators that will be used to monitor them, this policy brief assesses how child poverty can be included as part of the monitoring framework for the SDGs.

New study: What drives violence against children?

28 Mar 2015

Young Lives is working with the UNICEF Office of Research–Innocenti on a study of what drives violence against children and what can be done about it.

New Book Chapter: Gender, Development, Children and Young People

25 Mar 2015

Most of the world’s children live in developing countries, and children and young people are a major focus of intervention in international development. Yet despite the success of recent feminist critiques in shifting focus within academic and policy circles from ‘women’ to ‘gender’ and foregrounding questions of power relations and equality, children and young people are marginal in gender and development debates,

We need to end child poverty in order to break the cycle of poverty.