Young Lives at UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development

15 Sep 2015

The theme of this year's UKFIET Conference on Education and Development is Learning for Sustainable Futures: Making the Connections. More than 550 delegates will meet together to make meaningful connections between learning and the development of a sustainable future. Researchers from Young Lives will be there to present a number of new papers as well as co-presenting papers with PERI (the Privatisation in Education Research Initiative).

Young Lives presentations at UKFIET

‘Pivoting to a Systems Approach to Education Research’

‘Escaping a Low-level Equilibrium of Educational Quality’, Caine Rolleston, UCL Institute of Education

Tuesday 15 September, 14.00 to 15.30, East School, PS12E


‘Foundational First Five: Need, Measurement, Response in Early Childhood’

‘Early Childhood as a Priority for Sustainable Education Systems? The Case of Ethiopia’, Professor Martin Woodhead, University of Oxford

Wednesday 16 September, PLEASE NOTE REVISED TIME - NOW AT 1.30pm to 3.00pm IN SOUTH SCHOOL


‘Overcoming Inequality: Challenges for Equitable Education in Three Developing Countries’

‘Delivering Equitable Outcomes: Educational Effectiveness in Ethiopia’, Zoe James, University of Oxford

‘Reproducing Inequality: Family Background and Schooling in Peru’, Santiago Cueto, GRADE, Peru

‘Equitable Access and Progress in Secondary Schools in India:  A Policy Imperative for Sustainable Development’, Renu Singh, Young Lives India

Wednesday 16 September, 11.00 to 12.30, Room 1, PS251


‘Privatisation in Education: Analysing Choice, Quality, Equity and Social Justice in Peru, Vietnam and Ethiopia’

‘Impact of Different Types of Schooling on Achievement in the School System: Evidence from Ethiopia’, Bridget Azubuike, University of Sussex

‘Socialisation Practices and the Quality of Primary School Student learning in Vietnam’, Duong Bich Hang, Lehigh University

Thursday 17 September, 11.00 to 12.30, Room 1, PS381



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