Young Lives at GDNet Conference, Lima, 17-18 March 2016

14 Mar 2016

GDNet conference photo

The Young Lives team from Peru will be presenting at the GDNet 17th Annual Global Development Conference on Education for Development: Quality and Inclusion for Changing Global Human Capital Needs at the Universidad del Pacifico, Lima (17-18 March, 2016).

Themes of the conference include:Skills for Tomorrow; Education Policy & Finance;Enhancing Education Outcomes; Education Research & Policy. Young Lives will be represented in the plenary sessions and Santiago Cueto and Alan Sanchez will present in two of the parallel working group sessions.

Parallel Session 4.3: Higher Education and Job Training | Access and Outcomes
Chair Joseph Hoffman, SPHEIR
Gustavo Yamada, Universidad del Pacífico
Alan Sanchez, Young Lives. GRADE
Elizabeth Appieh, Pentecost University College
Hugo Ñopo, GRADE
Discussant: Rosario Gregorio Manasan, Philippine Institute for Development Studies

Parallel Session 3.2: Assessing Inclusion in Education and Mechanisms to Promote It
Chair Hugo Díaz, Consejo Nacional de Educación
Juan Francisco Castro, Universidad del Pacífico
Santiago Cueto, Young Lives, GRADE
Denise Vaillant, Universidad ORT
Eric Ananga, University of Education, Winneba
Discussant: Rossieli Soares da Silva, Secretary of Education of Amazonas State (TBC).

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