Young Lives at CIES 2016

04 Mar 2016

Boys by blackboard

Young Lives will be presenting at the 60th Conference of the Comparative and International Education Societies (CIES) in Vancouver on 6-10 March 2016.

A panel, led by Caine Rolleston, will explore the determinants of children's trajectories through school and their educational outcomes.

Three Young Lives researchers - Santiago Cueto, Renu Singh and Caine Rolleston - present work on how children's family backgrounds and early life circumstances affect thir education outcomes in three quite different contexts: Ethiopia, a low-income country with very poor educational outcomes; India (Andhra Pradesh), where issues of gender and privatisation of education are key to understanding the educational context; and Peru, where high levels of inequality are largely associated with poverty and ethnicity.

Professor David Baker from Penn State University will lead a discussion on the panel. The panel takes place on Thursday 10 March.

For more information see the conference programme and abstracts.


Educational Trajectories and Outcomes in Ethiopia, India and Peru: Determinants and Implications
Session 489. General Pool Wednesday 9 March 1:15pm - 2:45pm Gulf Islands A
Chair: Dr Tristan McCowan, UCL Institute of Education
Discussant: Professor David Baker, Penn State University
Presenters: Dr Santiago Cueto (GRADE), Dr Renu Singh (Young Lives, India), Caine Rolleston (UCL Institute of Education)

Factors affecting completion of secondary schooling: Evidence from Young Lives, India
Renu Singh, Young Lives India

Education trajectories: From early childhood to early adulthood in Peru
Santiago Cueto, GRADE Peru

Effective schooling in Ethiopia: Who benefits?
Caine Rolleston, UCL Institute of Education

We need to end child poverty in order to break the cycle of poverty.