Blog: Will the SDGs advance progress for disadvantaged children?

25 Sep 2015

Today, 25 September, the UN Summit  to agree the Sustainable Development Goals takes place. There are 17 proposed goals, with 169 targets. The good news is the impressive scope; the bad news is the impressive scope. The proposed goals cover new and important areas, and adopt new approaches, but the sheer number risks people picking and choosing between myriad targets. Pinning accountability for delivery, including through the development of national plans, is going to be the challenge,says Paul Dornan,Senior Policy Officer with Young Lives.

Over the next few months, and indeed years, many discussions will flesh out what the SDGs will really mean in practice. Both the policies that the SDGs promote, and the accountability framework implied, need to reflect the changing realities of the world since the start of the new millennium .This will mean effective national ownership,moving beyond ‘access’, and towards more effective policies for children....more

We need to end child poverty in order to break the cycle of poverty.