Blog: What needs to be done to end child marriage in Ethiopia

25 Jun 2015

Today, the Ethiopian government hosts it's first National Girl’s Summit. This follows a similar summit in London last year, where the country committed to ending female genital mutilation and child, early and forced marriage by 2025. This blog by Alula Pankhurst describes what needs to be done to make these political committments a reality.

The good news is that early marriage is on the decline in Ethiopia.

There are multiple reasons for this, though policy change and implementation of programmes have no doubt played a large part.  Over the past decade, there have been a number of government advocacy campaigns and projects supported by donors and NGOs. The Revised Family Proclamation of 2000 Article 7 prohibited marriage under the age of 18. By 2008, six of the nine federal states had enacted their respective laws which had begun to take effect in the regions from 2003. Two regions have still to amend their laws. Enforcement has tended to involve fines and, occasionally, imprisonment.

 But the decline is also due to the rapidly changing social and economic environment in Ethiopia.... more

We need to end child poverty in order to break the cycle of poverty.