Blog: Reclaiming the 'no child left behind' agenda

05 Aug 2015

Despite memories of the controversial 1990s US education policy the slogan No Child Left Behind has made a come-back in the lead-up to the SDGs. But this time it is firmly embedded within a wider holistic agenda which by its very meaning implies that the MDGs didleave certain groups out.

Young Lives findings confirm the successes and flaws of the MDGs; there has been some reduction in child poverty during the 15 years of the MDGs but entrenched poverty remains. Macro-economic growth has raised children’s material circumstances and access to services has improved. There have been child development gains, and in some contexts for the poorest groups. But despite economic growth, levels of stunting remain high, inequality is becoming entrenched, and the poorest children continue to live in precarious conditions, often with poor quality services. More...

We need to end child poverty in order to break the cycle of poverty.